Two face real name

two face real name

Wahrer Name: Harvey Dent. Alias: Apollo, One-Face. Beruf: Mafioso, ehemaliger Bezirksstaatsanwalt. Charakteristika: Geschlecht: männlich. Größe: 1,83 m. Two - Face. profile twoface. General Information. Real name: Harvey Dent Two - Face flips the coin at critical junctures: The scarred side would usually  ‎ Sal Maroni · ‎ Two-Face (Aaron Eckhart) · ‎ Two-Face (Arkhamverse) · ‎ Coin. "CALL ME BY MY REAL NAME BATMAN!!! THREE FACE!!!" .. So, without the coin, Two Face becomes a Judge. Doch bei der Merkur sportwetten rächte sich Maroni: Bob Kane Feind von: Harvey Dent is the District Attorney and later mayor of Gotham. He was noted gewinner eurolotto his dedication to justice, and his seeming untouchability. He casino mobil app African-American, possesses psionic powers. Sein Vater verwendete damals eine doppelköpfige Silberdollarmünze um zu entscheiden, paysafecard sofort kaufen er seinen Sohn stargames neue agb oder nicht. Dort muss er ebenfalls in zwei Endlevels von Batman besiegt werden. The Joker Two-Face The Riddler The Penguin Mr. He is one of Batman's deadliest foes, and because he relies entirely on luck, he is wildly unpredictable. Evelyn has three personalities Irrational, Practical, and Hedonistic. Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen.

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Dents Ohrmuschel ist ebenfalls in einigen Fällen schwer beschädigt oder sogar gänzlich fehlend. Sein Markenzeichen ist eine Münze, die er stets bei sich trägt und mit welcher er jede wichtige Entscheidung fällt. It was also revealed that Harvey had an estranged daughter, Duela Dent , but as with the Dave Davis origin retcon, this revelation similarly went ignored by virtually all subsequent stories. Seine Verbündeten begannen zunehmend an Dents geistiger Gesundheit zu zweifeln und auch die öffentliche Meinung richtete sich allmählich gegen ihn. He attempts to blow up the Gotham Twin Towers with his face swathed in bandages, with the intention of dying in the explosions. Doch bei der Verhandlung rächte sich Maroni: Batman Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. He undertakes these duties as a form of atonement, and though initially reluctant he soon finds he enjoys his work as a vigilante, though he lacks Batman's finesse. Games Movies TV Wikis. Her motive is simply revenge based against those responsible for her disfigurement, and her motif is mutilating her victims' faces and wearing a half business suit with a spiked metal bikini. Guardian of Gotham Darcy Dent is a model who has half her face disfigured by sabotaged face cream. Heroes Batman Nightwing Batgirl Red Robin Red Hood Robin. Two-Face kidnaps Gordon and puts him on trial for his activities after Gotham City is declared a "No Man's Land", with Two-Face as both judge and prosecutor for Gordon's illegal alliance with him; but Gordon plays upon Two-Face's split psyche to demand Harvey Dent as his defense attorney. Was Elliot dabei jedoch nicht bedacht hatte, war, dass mit der Wiederherstellung seines Gesichtes, auch Dents geistige Gesundheit wiederhergestellt würde. Dick recovers and slips into the inner depths of the cave, disappearing from Two-Face's view. Live Action Batman s series Birds of Prey Gotham. The violent attempt on the Gordons' lives prompts Bruce Wayne to use his resources to initiate and fund Dent's campaign for district attorney. Hyde von auf. Other Media Animation The DCAU Two-Face features as a recurring character in Batman: In Batman , which establishes Terry McGinnis as part of the DC Universe canon , it is revealed that Two-Face-Two kidnapped the infant Terry, along with an year-old Carter Nichols , and tried to disfigure them in the style of the Joker.

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